Solar Energy FAQ´S

How much does solar energy cost?

Not everyone’s solar needs and circumstances are the same; however, here in San Diego solar costs markedly less than traditional electricity. We have a whole range of solar financing options to suit every customer. We can install your solar system with no money out of pocket or upfront cost while you continue to pay your monthly utility bill, but at a much lesser rate.

What rebates are available for solar energy?

Until December 31st, there is a 30 percent federal investment tax credit for solar energy systems. That means on a $30,000 Solar Project, the homeowner can receive a tax credit worth $9,000!

What happens to solar panels when it rains or is cloudy?

Although photovoltaic panels are the most effective with direct sunlight, they can still produce energy with indirect sunlight. Luckily, we live in San Diego where we experience a great deal of sunshine. But, on those days we get our much needed rain, it actually helps keep the panels efficient by cleaning off any dirt or dust with rainfall.

I would love to invest in solar, but I think my roof is too old. Am I out of luck?

At Repower, we won’t install solar on a roof that can’t support it. Luckily, we can install a brand new roof before we install solar without needing any money upfront. The best part is even after we put solar on the roof, the roof still maintains the lifetime warranty!

I work during the day when the sun is out, would it make sense to go solar if we use most our energy at night?

Yes! When you sign up for solar, you are enrolled in Net Metering with the grid. That means during the day your solar energy system is producing power; anything not used will be sent to the grid and stored as credits. Then, during the night or when you need to use your power, you can pull back that energy you sent to the grid.