Solar panel installation redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint. Take control of your power costs today!

Solar Panel Installation

Are you looking for a way to cut down on your energy consumption? There are many options on the market, but solar panels are one of the most eco-friendly options. Solar panel installation is a simple process that can save you loads of money.

What are solar panels?

Solar panels are the main source for solar energy. These panels have the ability to attract the sun rays, and convert it into electricity. Solar panels contain solar cells or photovoltaic cells that are arranged in a grid fashion on the panel. These cells will collect the sun’s rays during the day, and turn it into eco-friendly electricity.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar power can be used and renewed. Therefore, your business or residential solar panels will never run out of power. This power is natural, and allows a continuous supply of electricity to be available to you.

Why Go Solar?

Solar panel installation will help decrease costs, while making energy more efficient. Solar panels do not let off any emissions that are harmful to the earth. Our solar installations are also backwards compatible with the battery systems that are becoming increasingly popular.


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Benefits of installing solar panels.

Savings – It has been reported that individuals who use solar power, save an average of 30-40% off their electricity bill. This is a large savings that can help families and business owners.

Payback – If you opt for a PPA, the savings are immediate with no out of pocket expense to get started. Your monthly bill for electricity is reduced because of the efficiency of solar panels. If you decide you want to own the panels outright, the amount that you will invest in solar panel installation will typically be made back within 5 to 10 years of owning a solar power system. This is an investment that homeowners and business owners can afford. That is why residential solar panels are increasing in popularity.

Incentives – there are tax breaks for those who invest or own solar systems. This is a great incentive that can help pay back the cost of solar panel installation.

Longevity – Solar panels come with a 20 to 25 year warranty, depending on the manufacture that you go with. This is a guarantee that you can feel good about.

Maximum Results – You begin saving on energy from day one. You can even opt to own the panels or pay the provider for solar electricity. This would mean that the company would care for installation, maintenance, monitoring and repairs. The price you will pay the solar provider for electricity will be less than that you would pay a utility company.

Home Value – If you are looking for ways to improve your home, a residential solar panel installation will increase its value. Those who are looking to buy an eco-friendly home will appreciate solar panel installation with fixed electricity costs.

Secure – A lot of investments come with risk, but solar panels only offer benefits. There is no risk involved in installing solar panels in your home. Plus, it is an investment that will always save you on energy cost and help the environment.

Environment – Above all, solar power helps decrease the amounts of pollutants that are inflicted on the environment. You are saving the earth, while reaping a lot of benefits.